Riccardo Russi - Head of 3D

A visual arts graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts of Brera - Milan, Riccardo has been working in the character animation and CGI visual effects business as a 3D specialist for more than 15 years. He has been involved in many famous post production projects for Mediacube, Interactive ,Chinatown in Milan and Cinecittà Digital in Rome.

Claudia Morelli - 3D modeler and texture artist

Claudia began her career working in 2D graphic business soon after her graduate in the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera – Milan. In 2001 she decided to build up an extensive experience with 3D modeling & texturing. She is currently developing various projects for Feature film, TV series and publishing as 3D modeler and texture artist.

Lorenzo D'Ingianna - Animator and software developer

Lorenzo is a passionate creative designer and FX artist. He has been working in the animation and film business since 1998 for renowned post-productions studios in Milan and Rome. He joined Catfish Animation Studio as an associate in 2011 specializing in character and creature animation and software development.